As we were traveling to Greenville this weekend, I had an idea. Actually I had several ideas, but I want to document the first great idea so that I can remind myself to do something about it. I just got a tremendous burden for families who need help with devotions. Why not record some great devotionals in mp3 format that could be played for the family devotions? Okay–not the greatest scenario to just play something for family devotions, but it is a whole sight better than doing nothing at all. I can just imagine the cozy little scene at our house. We would sit down on our couches, and then someone would punch the correct file on the computer in Itunes.

Yes, I imagined myself writing and recording these devotionals. They would cover all the topics that would give a personal a well rounded view of God, the whole of the Bible. It would interject practical issues and application of scriptural principles. So, all books of the Bible would be covered–all your typical Bible stories. But not only that all the character qualities would also be covered. It would be an eclectic mix of exegetical analysis as well as thematic subjects.

I also imagined it might not be so great to have a woman’s voice in recording, so I imagined writing the devotionals during the day and then commandeering my DH in the evening to read these devotionals. This could possibly keep the TV at bay a bit. It is ubiquitous around here at the moment. Hey–we need family devotions. I wonder if there is a place I could buy mp3 devotionals suitable for our family…..


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