Mark 1:9-11 –The Baptism of Jesus continued

He heard a voice which was intended for his encouragement to proceed in his undertaking, and therefore it is here expressed as directed to him, Thou art my beloved Son. God lets him know, [1.] That he loved him never the less for that low and mean estate to which he had now humbled himself; “Though thus emptied and made of no reputation, yet he is my beloved Son still.’’ [2.] That he loved him much the more for that glorious and kind undertaking in which he had now engaged himself. God is well pleased in him, as referee of all matters in controversy between him and man; and so well pleased in him, as to be well pleased with us in him.

Today I want to focus on the humbling that Jesus Christ did on the behalf of all mankind.  Although this passage does not focus on the reluctance of John the Baptist to baptize Jesus, Matthew’s passage does. We do know that the prophet John understood the significance of what Jesus was asking him to do. In the verses previously, John asserted that he wasn’t even worthy to stoop down and untie Jesus’ shoe latches. And now, John is ordained to baptize Jesus. What an irony. Yet, Jesus graciously humbled himself to be baptized of a human being. And as a side note for us “baptists,” Jesus must have been immersed! How could he have “come up” out of the water unless he were fully immersed?

The love that Jesus has for human kind is astounding, and is beginning to be shown in this early stage of  his ministry. Of course the ultimate display of Jesus’s love for mankind will be demonstrated by his work on the cross, but now at the baptism we are seeing a glimpse of this love. And for Jesus’s love to mankind, God loves Jesus all the more. He says “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” God is very pleased for Jesus to have been baptized by a mere mortal.

What a life changing concept to understand the true depths of humility Jesus Christ lived his earthly life.

Lord, help me to acquiesce to your humility. I give you my pride to be put under your shed blood. Forgive me for the sinful manifestations of my pride. Help me to live a life of humility that you have modeled for us in your life on this earth. You, the God of all creation, the ruler of all things, gave up everything to minister in my behalf. Thank you Lord for your amazing sacrifice of which I don’t even understand the smallest percentage. Praise your holy name, for you are worthy of honor and glory. Amen.


~ by shoesofiron on July 2, 2007.

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