Mark 1:1-4 Additional Thoughts

Joan Lutz took me to Blackberry cottage yesterday. We were talking about the action of the Holy Spirit in relation to John the Baptist, when John Cook walked up. He overheard Joan talking about how she would be prompted by the Holy Spirit to write a card to someone and would actually be waked up in the middle of the night. She would walk over to the post office in her robe and mail the card to make sure they got it the next day. In tears she told me of the hundreds of times people would say, “How did you know? How did you know I was going through such a hard time?” She didn’t know, of course–it was the Holy Spirit’s prompting her. John said this was called the “synchronization of the Holy Spirit.” Yes, I can see how that word would work, although I have never heard it before. The Holy Spirit synchronizes us to do things at a specific time.

Then we started talking about John the Baptist. He said something that I need to think about and ask some questions. He said that John the Baptist was the last of the Old Testament prophets. As such, he did not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, although he was Spirit led. I’m surprised to hear that actually, because I was thinking that he was very much indwelt by the Holy Spirit to have done the amazing work of being the forerunner of Christ. John Cook said that the people John the Baptist baptized were baptized and indwelt of the Holy Spirit, but not John the Baptist. Very interesting. I’m not sure the distinction is necessary or accurate. I would think that if the action of the Holy Spirit were different, it would be after Pentecost. I can’t imagine that there would be some infusion of the Holy Spirit that John the Baptist would not be privileged to have attained. I would like to do some more study on this subject.

But whatever the case, I remain amazed at John the Baptist’s ability to fulfill the work of the Holy Spirit. Maybe that should not amaze me at all because the Holy Spirit is certainly all powerful and can do anything. On the divine side of things, I am not amazed. It is on the human side that I am amazed. I guess my questions center around how did John the Baptist attune himself to the Holy Spirit? How did he know for sure what words to speak? It must take a heart that focuses on the things of God. Elizabeth and Zechariah must have been very diligent parents to make sure their son was thoroughly taught the Old Testament scriptures. John must have paid close attention and allowed his mind and heart to be attuned to God. Scripture does teach that some of this happened before birth–no doubt of divine work–because John the Baptist lept in his mother’s womb when Mary came to tell Elizabeth the news of her pregnancy.

My concern and burning desire is to make sure that my life is Holy Spirit led. I want to be like Joan Lutz and be waked up in the middle of the night to accomplish the Holy Spirit’s purpose, if that is what He so desires. I want to be like John the Baptist and be so certain of the Holy Spirit’s leading that I could proclaim a message that is completely new and almost totally outrageous if that were how He were leading.

Lord, I give you my heart anew today. Take my thoughts, my actions, my life and use it for you. Help me to be a blessing to my husband, children, and friends. Help me to minister to them as unto you. Help me to be led by your thoughts and help me to be faithful to do your will. I pray that you could trust me to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Lord, give me a divine filling of your Holy Spirit in my life today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


~ by shoesofiron on June 28, 2007.

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