Saturday, November 11

Our Dalton HomeTribute to Grandma Mary Wade, my mother’s mother. It is her birthday today. She would be in her 90s. She was a sweet grandma who used to make dresses for me and my sisters. They matched, and we thought that was really fun. I especially remember yellowish/orangish plaid dresses that were an A-line pattern. Rachel looked so good in her little dress. I was sad when she decided not to sew for us anymore. I really liked her clothes and I know it helped mom out a lot. But she didn’t want us to have clothes that we didn’t like and she remembered how her daughter was about it…… 🙂

Speaking of grandmothers, Julia is visiting Grandma Betty in North Carolina. They recently moved there. Grandma Betty is my father’s mother. She is apparently not doing well. Uncle Bruce told Julia that she sits on the couch all day complaining about her back hurting and wrapped up in a blanket. Apparently there is concern that something is very wrong with her. I’m not ready for this…..I don’t think I will ever be ready to face bad news about Grandma Betty.

Today we traveled to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to rendezvous with Alex. He was with the Bob Jones University Mock Trial team competing at Middle Tennessee State University. We brought him back to Dalton with us and he’s watching TV right now. I guess that’s an okay thing for a college sophomore to be doing right now. I hear objectionable language occasionally though. Not happy about that.

 While we were in Murfreesboro I took Stacey and Lindsey out to try to find a mall or something fun to do for three hours. We didn’t exactly find a mall, but since we were starving we went to Zaxby’s and got food. The bill was $19.25 for 3 people. I thought that was unbelievably high. And guess what? Tennessee has 10% sales tax. The tax alone on our purchase was $1.71. Isn’t Tennessee run by the Mafia or something? 🙂

Then we kept riding around trying to find a mall or somewhere interesting to shop–still no success. We needed it to be indoorfs  because Lindsey forgot her jacket. But, wonder of wonders, we did find a Starbucks! We weren’t supposed to spend any more money unless there was an emergency. We all agreed that Starbucks was an emergency! And we dutifully got the “tall” (translate small) size out of  “budget constraints.” Lindsey who was freezing cold the entire time of course got a caramel frappaccino. I got a Gingergread latte “extra hot.” What an education in ordering lingo I got today. If you say “extra hot” you get your drink at 180 degrees. Normal is 160. Apparently I stuttered or said “extra hot” twice. So I got my drink at 200 degrees. Yes, my tongue will be reminding me about this for a few days! It was pretty good though. It was a gingerbreaed latte. We ordered a hot chocolate for Jay (possibly he is addicted and certainly his body composition is about 70% hot chocolate). Plus the little guy was a little cold. He stayed to watch the trial, and by the time we got his hot chocolate to him, it was definitely not hot. We should have said “extra” many times when we ordered his drink!

Stacey got the eggnog latte. She didn’t really like it but thought that maybe a little caramel in the mixture would help it out. And so, I asked the counter girl for some. She very kindly put the caramel in her drink and told Stacey that if she didn’t like it she would make her another drink. That was “pretty white of them” as Andy would say.  But she did like it and when we left suggested to them that they offer a drink option like that. The lady said she was going to try it herself later.

Well, here it is at midnight. I have sourdough starter that I have been growing all week–from scratch. It looks pretty good from my novice vantage point. I would like to try some bread for dinner tomorrow, so I had better do the next thing to it. Oh wait, I’m not sure what that is!!!!! I guess I will just wing it. I think now is the time that I put the ingredients in for the actual bread. I believe letting it rise in the refrigerator all night will work. Does anyone know how cold my refrigerator is though!

This is me!


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