Great Sermon

We heard a good sermon this weekend. Our preacher in Greenville preached the most practical message I have ever heard him preach. Practical I guess because he actually named things that were unwise to do. He preached about right thinking. One of the main things about right thinking is to well–um–think right! Think correctly. This would be to think about things that are true and lovely. Don’t fill your mind with junk like junk from the television. Things that are not edifying.So I sat there scared and petrified. Is my family thinking the right things. Are we filling our minds with the right tp things? Since our new move there seems to be nothing to do except watch TV and movies. I personally have watched more TV in the last month than I probably have in the last couple of years. 

DH remarked about what a good sermon we heard. But are we going to be hearers and not doers. Is anything we heard going to be implemented. Will this sermon make a difference in our lives? I sure hope so. But it is a lot easier to talk than to actually do something. I pray for our family. I pray that we will help our children think right. I pray that as parents we will think right.


~ by shoesofiron on October 31, 2006.

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